nternational Conference on Digital Libraries (ICDL 2013)

Nov. 27, - Nov. 29, 2013
Location: India Habitat Centre New Delhi, India,

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) is organizing International Conference on Digital libraries (ICDL 2013) during 27-29 November 2013 at New Delhi. The conference will also aim at further strengthen the academic collaboration and strategic alliance in development of DL in the world. Theme of the conference is Vision 2020: Looking back 10 years and forging new frontiers.

In recent past TERI had organized three major ICDL conferences during 2004, 2006 and 2010 which were proved to be useful tools to bridge digital divide between developed and developing countries. It was able to create awareness and enthusiasm among the community. Please visit www.teriin.org/events/icdl for further details.

Aim: ICDL 2013 is expected to be a major forum focusing on digital libraries and related technologies and issues. This conference would facilitate exchange of ideas and experiences to bridge knowledge gaps in these areas and sustain the knowledge thus gained. It is expected to become a platform to bring together a galaxy of experts, researchers, academics, students, and others.

Who should participate: The conference participants will be drawn from researchers, educators, practitioners, and policy makers from a variety of disciplines. About 600 participants are expected to participate in the conference. The following categories of professionals are expected to benefit from the conference:

Library and Information Science professionals.
Policy makers.
Educationists, Museologists, Archivists.
Content and knowledge managers.
Electronic publishing and virtual electronic communities.
All stakeholders in the digitization and knowledge business.

Programme design: ICDL 2013 will be organized in multiple tracks covering

Plenary and Conference sessions
Thematic workshops
International DL Exhibitions

Key Thematic Areas

ICDL 2013 invites original submissions focusing on

Digital library future
Knowledge collaboration and social media
DL best practices
Social computing
Sustainable business model for digital libraries
Digital rights management

Papers may be submitted to the ICDL secretariat by 20 July 2013 in softcopy online, using the conference website or mail to .
For details of paper submission guidelines and submission, visit www.teriin.org/events/icdl

Mailing Address:
ICDL 2013 Secretariat
The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
India Habitat Centre Complex, Lodhi Road,
New Delhi-110003, India
Tel: +91 11 24682100 or 41504900
Fax: 24682144 Email: ICDL2013@teri.res.in
Website: www.teriin.org/events/icdl