About LISEvents

LISEvents is a community-based site intended to aggregate listings of library-related events of all types, sizes, and locations. The site also helps speakers find gigs and event planners find speakers. The idea for the site has been kicking around in one form or another for quite a few years. Peter Murray did some work on a beta version around 2005.


The LISEvents project leverages the entire library community. Anyone can post an event, and we encourage speakers and vendors to sign up for an accounts and build their profiles to get speaking gigs or promote their events.

How to Get Featured

Want your event to be featured on LISEvents? For a limited time, we are offering featured placement for free for vendors who register their companies on the site!

About the Creators

LISEvents is a site from Blake Carver, the guy behind LISNews, LISWire & LISHost. Blake was one of the first librarian bloggers (he created LISNews in 1999) and is a member of Library Journal's first Movers & Shakers cohort. He has worked as a web librarian, a college instructor, and a programmer at a startup, though he is currently a corporate librarian and records manager in Western New York. Blake has presented widely at professional conferences on building library websites with Drupal and ensuring computer/server security for libraries.

Margaret Smith is a science librarian at New York University, where she supports research and instruction in physics, chemistry, technology, and the history and social studies of science. She also serves as the archivist for UbuWeb, an online educational resource for avant garde texts, sound, and moving images. She has presented internationally on many different topics including the "analog" archiving and preservation of digital objects, implementing new technologies for reference services, and issues related to social media and scholarly communication.

Sean Fitzpatrick handled much of the design work. Sean is currently the web editor of American Libraries Magazine and assists Carver with LISHost clients' custom Drupal projects. A graduate of the University of North Texas School of Library and Information Science, Sean has, interestingly, never worked in a library post-degree. Instead, his career has led him through positions in marketing, publishing, and web design and development for organizations that support libraries.


If it's not obvious, we run on Drupal.

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