PLA Virtual Spring Symposium

Mar. 29, 2011
Location: Online Only

PLA Virtual Spring Symposium

A Fresh Twist on a PLA Classic!

On March 30, 2011, PLA will host its first-ever Virtual Spring Symposium! This day-long, online event will offer the premier professional education that PLA's Spring Symposium is known for but will be more affordable and convenient for attendees.

Moderated by Meg (Canada) Knodl, a senior librarian in Information and Online Services with Hennepin County (Minn.) Library, the PLA Virtual Spring Symposium will be a full day of rich education with:

  • Eight education programs to choose from
  • Lunchtime interview with author Diane Ackerman
  • Closing session with keynote speakers George Needham and Joan Frye Williams

Schedule of Events   

Take advantage of four education tracks with two programs in each!



2011 PLA Virtual Spring Symposium Schedule



11:00–11:15 AM EST
10:00–10:15 AM CST
9:00–9:15 AM MST
8:00–8:15 AM PST

Introduction by Audra Caplan, PLA President

11:15 AM–12:15 PM EST
10:15–11:15 AM CST
9:15–10:15 AM MST
8:15–9:15 AM PST

Track 1:

A Mobile Feast: Reaching Library Customers via Mobile Technology

Track 2:
Youth Services

When School Is Out, The Library Is In

12:30–1:30 PM EST
11:30 AM–12:30 PM CST
10:30–11:30 AM MST
9:30–10:30 AM PST

Track 1:

Can Your Library Provide the Electronic Content That People Want and Need?

Track 2:
Youth Services

Connecting With Teens @ Your Library

1:30–2:30 PM EST
12:30–1:30 PM CST
11:30 AM–12:30 PM MST
10:30–11:30 AM PST

Lunchtime Author Interview with Diane Ackerman

2:30–3:30 PM EST
1:30–2:30 PM CST
12:30–1:30 PM MST
11:30 AM–12:30 PM PST

Track 3:

The Post Recession Library

Track 4:
Adult Services

I Didn’t Know You Could Do That at the Library!

3:45–4:45 PM EST
2:45–3:45 PM CST
1:45–2:45 PM MST
12:45–1:45 PM PST

Track 3:

Minnesota Library Futures Initiative

Track 4:
Adult Services

Transforming Life After 50

5:00–6:00 PM EST
4:00–5:00 PM CST
3:00–4:00 PM MST
2:00–3:00 PM PST

Closing Session

The Sustainable Library



Individual registrants will be able to switch between simultaneous tracks to find what suits them best, while registered groups will be given a code that enables them to stream simultaneous tracks at the same time (on two computers) to help their team get the most out of the day.

Registration Rates   


One login per individual, which can be used to stream one track/program at a time. Individual registrants cannot be logged in from more than one computer at a time, but will be able to switch between tracks/programs as desired.

  • PLA Member: $125
  • ALA Member: $155
  • Nonmember: $185


One login per group, specially enabled to be used in two different rooms/computers to stream two tracks/programs simultaneously. Group registrants cannot be logged in from more than two computers at the same time. We suggest that groups, especially larger groups, plan ahead to use a LCD/LED projector in each room to project the track/program being streamed.

  • Up to 3 people: $225
  • 4–9: $450
  • 10+: $750

Technical Requirements

  • Macromedia Flash® player, version 8.0 or higher
  • Recommended screen resolution 1024 x 768
  • Broadband connection
  • Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari); the use of AOL® is not recommended
  • Cookies enabled in your web browser
  • LCD/LED projectors recommended for group registrants

How to Register

DEADLINE TO REGISTER FOR THE PLA VIRTUAL SPRING SYMPOSIUM IS 4:30PM CST ON FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 2011. Due to technical preparations for the event we are unable to process any registrations after this date/time.

To register with a credit card, click here to begin the online registration process. On ALA’s Online Registration page select the “Register” link next to the event you wish to attend. You will need to enter your ALA ID and password. If you do not have an ALA ID and password, you will be asked to create one. Please note: Once your registration is processed, you will receive a receipt/confirmation email containing additional information about accessing the PLA Virtual Spring Symposium on the day of the event.

To register with a purchase order or by mail, click here to download the registration form (PDF, 1 pg.). Complete the form and submit it with your P.O., or with a check. Faxing/mailing instructions are on the form. Faxed or mailed registration forms must be received by the posted registration deadline (above). Forms received after the deadline will not be processed. Please note: Once your registration is processed, you will receive a receipt/confirmation email containing additional information about accessing the PLA Virtual Spring Symposium on the day of the event.

Cancellations must be submitted in writing up to two weeks prior to the event. No phone cancellations will be accepted. A $35 processing fee will be deducted from the registration amount. Please mail registration cancellations to American Library Association, ATTN: MACS, Online CE Registration, 50 E. Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611; fax to 312-280-1538; or email to Refunds will be processed after the event. PLA reserves the right to cancel any event for insufficient registration or other reasons.