Interpreting and Coding OCLC MARC Bibliographic Records

Feb. 22, - Feb. 24, 2011
Location: Online Only

In this six-hour live online class, an introduction and overview of the WorldCat catalog record encoded in the OCLC MARC bibliographic format will be presented, with a focus on the fields and codes most commonly used in current practice.



This live online class provides an intensive introduction in three two-hour sessions to the OCLC MARC bibliographic format for catalog records, an implementation of the MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data. We’ll look in depth at the variable fields most commonly used in bibliographic records and their coding, from the tags to the indicators and subfields, and review the fixed fields. While typically for staff performing original and copy cataloging, this class will also help acquisitions, interlibrary loan and reference staff improve their ability to search WorldCat and find the records they need.


Though we look at OCLC MARC bibliographic records, much of what we discuss is applicable to MARC bibliographic records in local system implementations.


Learning outcomes

  • By the end of the class, students will be comfortable with the structure and content of the OCLC MARC record
  • The coding for the most commonly used fixed field elements and variable fields
  • How to access and efficiently use OCLC’s MARC documentation.




Intended Audience:

While ideal for staff cataloging in OCLC WorldCat, staff working in acquisitions, interlibrary loan, reference and other departments who want to learn about the OCLC MARC bibliographic format are encouraged to attend.


Either of the LYRASIS courses “Cataloging for Non-Catalogers” or “MARC for Everyone,” or some exposure to OCLC MARC bibliographic records. If you’re unsure whether your background is sufficient, please contact the instructor to discuss your previous training and skill level to determine if this class is right for you.



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