Library Camp 2011

Sep. 28, 2011
Location: Best Western (formerly Holiday Inn), Carrier Circle, Syracuse, New York Syracuse, New York

The Central New York and South Central Regional Library Resources Councils are partnering to bring you:


Library Camp 2011

Unconference:  The Library as Space and Place!


When:   Wednesday, September 28, 2011    

              8:30am - 3:00pm                                 

Where:  Best Western (formerly Holiday Inn), Carrier Circle, Syracuse, New York

Cost:     $26 (members); $45 (non-members)                                           

What’s an Unconference?

An Unconference can be many things, but the defining characteristic is that it's driven by the participants.

In this way, an Unconference is great for sharing knowledge and fleshing out ideas.

You!  Participants will spend the morning in "Lightning Talks", each speaking for 5 minutes about any aspect of the theme.  You will then divide into "Birds of a Feather" sessions where you will discuss the aspects of the concept that most appeal to you.  


While we strongly encourage everyone to speak (if time permits) we do not require this for attendance.   We will also scroll a Twitter feed where conference participants can post their thoughts, observations, praise, criticism, etc...  So bring your laptops, your tablets, or your smart phones and prepare for a high-energy day!



For more detailed instructions on how to participate, go to the Unconference website at: call the CLRC office at 315-446-5446.


Participants are not required to submit or use visuals, but if they would like to do so, instructions can be found on the website.