Digital Preservation: What's Now, What's Next?

Aug. 12, 2011
Location: Dallas, Texas


DALLAS, TX, July 19 - Amigos Library Services will present a one day online conference Digital Preservation: What's Now, What's Next on August 12.  The conference will cover a variety of topics to include digital preservation of email and e-books as well as preservation of audio and video.




"I am very excited about our program," says Gina Minks, Imaging & Preservation Service Manager. "We have many presenters that are well known both in the Amigos region and nationally.  It is going to be an opportunity to see presentations from people who normally are only at the large national conferences."




Presented by speakers well known to the digital preservation community, two concurrent sessions will run throughout the day.  Among the scheduled sessions are:


Are there other sessions that would be more interest catching??


*         Email: the Problem that Dare not Speak its Name presented by

Christopher J. Prom


*         Fundamentals of Digitizing Audio and Video presented by George

Blood and Cassandra Gallegos


*         Protect Future Access Now: Preserving E-Books and Other

Digitized Content presented by  Amy Kirchhoff




In addition to these sessions, the conference includes Martin Halbert and Katherine Skinner's presentation about collaborative, community-owned approaches to both digital preservation and digital curation, as well as presentations from Jacob Nadal, UCLA; William LeFurgy , the Library of Congress; Tom Clareson, Lyrasis; and Liz Bishoff, The Bishoff Group.




To see the full schedule and to sign up for the conference, visit  Early bird registration runs through July 29, 2011.




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