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Darrin Cates

Email: darrin [at] darrincates [dot] com


What makes Darrin different from other speakers in this genre is his personality. He has the innate ability to simplify difficult topics while engaging his audience with humorous and entertainment. His sessions are fun and informative. In addition, Darrin is an expert in all types of new media. If you are looking for an expert in online marketing, including Google, Facebook and Twitter, then you will want to book Darrin for your next event. Whether its for a keynote address, or a small breakout session, Darrin will be a hit with your group. More importantly, he communicates the important messages that companies need to hear, in an entertaining and fun way. He brings personality and charisma to topics that have traditionally been tedious and boring. Darrin is the President and CEO of eVibrant, an organization focused on helping small businesses and private schools across the country with their marketing needs. Darrin has spent a large portion of his career as a cutting-edge leader in online marketing. Prior to founding eVibrant Darrin served as the Vice President of Marketing for the social network Affluence.org. While there he learned the social network industry inside and out. He developed his speaking style through years of experience in broadcasting. He has hosted his own radio show, performed both play-by-play and color commentary duties for college and high school sporting events on television and radio. From there Darrin moved on to speaking for groups of all sizes and types. His one-day Bootcamps have become popular among small businesses and private schools. Darrin is available for speaking events for companies, conferences and organizations. So, plan to include Darrin in your next event for an informative, entertaining and fun engagement.