Digital Library Multi-Conference

May. 24, - May. 27, 2011
Location: 48 Vassileos Constantinou Avenue 11635, Athens Greece Athens,
DLMC International Conference emerged as a special branch of QQML Conferences due to the growing importance of the Digital Library field and its great influence in changing the traditional libraries to a new and advanced organizational and informational system


This Multi-Conference on Digital Libraries (DLMC) is focused on a new form of information institutions and services under the term digital libraries and the related technological, socio-economic and practical implications

DLMC Topics

·       Institutional repositories
·       Digital archives
·       Information retrieval
·       Data mining
·       Construction and organization
·       Operational information systems
·       Software
·       Digitization
·       Digital preservation
·       Copyright and licensing
·       Metadata creation
·       New means of selecting, collecting,
        organizing, and distributing digital content
·       Theoretical models of information media
·       Electronic publishing
.       Open access
.       e-science
.       e-research
.       Ontologies
.       Semantics
.       Semantics web


National Hellenic Research Foundation
24-27 May 2011, Athens Greece