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David Ball

Email: davidball1611 [at] gmail [dot] com


Having taken early retirement from Bournemouth University, I now work as an independent consultant, researcher and interim manager, specialising in aspects of higher education, particularly scholarly communication, e-books and e-journals, procurement, library and related systems, virtual learning environments. Previously, as Head of Academic Development Services at Bournemouth University I was recognised as a leading practitioner and speaker, particularly in the field of library purchasing, having led innovative tenders for e-books, books and journals, chairing national and regional library procurement organisations in higher education. I led, on behalf of all the English universities, probably the most valuable and complex tender for books and e-books yet seen. I also have experience of procuring and implementing virtual learning environments (VLEs). I have a strong publishing record (see http://eprints.bournemouth.ac.uk/view/author/1421f337a6b733e07288e47e09e7e3a7.html), and am a frequent speaker at conferences, particularly on e-books, VLEs and procurement. Specialties:interim management, scholarly communication, e-books, electronic journals, library procurement, virtual learning environments, learning management systems, libray management systems, institutional repositories