Kansas Library Conference

Apr. 10, - Apr. 14, 2011
Location: Online Only
Full Cost: $325

Share The Vision!

April 6th - 8th, 2011

Capitol Plaza Hotel | Topeka, Kansas



Register now for the state's premier opportunity for librarians to gather, learn, and network. Return to your library recharged and energized. This year's schedule features an exciting blend of nationally known keynote speakers and local librarians. Kansas librarians have a history of working together to make libraries relevant and sustainable. Let's continue that strong tradition this year in Topeka. We're better together!

Highlights of this year's conference include:

  • Opening Keynote: Jamie Larue, Douglas County Libraries
  • Closing Keynote: Tom Averill, Washburn University and Kansas Author
  • An Evening with Nancy Pickard
  • Virtual Sessions!
  • State Librarian's Lunch
  • CULS Luncheon
  • SLIM Poster Session
  • Friends and Trustees Day!
  • Special One Day rate!!!
  • Section Meetings and Breakfasts!
  • Library Tours
  • Dine Arounds
  • Presidential Awards
  • Trivia Night!
  • Vendors, Vendors, Vendors!

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